As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lockdowns which especially affected the driver training profession, there is a significant level of demand for driving instructors and driving tests. Many instructors are managing waiting lists of over 12 weeks.

To search for an instructor on this website you can:

  • Search for a gearbox type. E.g. Manual, Automatic.
  • Search for a specific drivetrain type. E.g. Hybrid, Electric.
  • Search for your postcode area. E.g. S3, S62.
  • Search for other services. E.g. Pass Plus, Test Nerves Specialist.
  • Search for specific adaptations. E.g. Push/Pull Hand Controls, Steering Ball.

You can merge search terms using a comma. For example:

Manual, S4, Pass Plus,

This search function searches a database of members of the Sheffield and District Driving Instructors Association. It will not display instructors who are not current members so other instructors may be available.